Dear BioExcel Cloud Portal users!

After several years we have decided to retire the BioExcel Cloud Portal. The page you have just visited is just a static website without any backend, which means that links might not work and you will not be able to deploy virtual machines to the cloud.

The BioExcel Cloud Portal has been retired, but as of March 2023 the BioExcel project itself is ongoing and has entered its third iteration. For more information about the EC funded BioExcel project, please visit its official website.

If you would like to contact the BioExcel Cloud Portal authors, please leave us feedback via the EBI contact form mentioning the BioExcel Cloud Portal in the Subject.

Finally, deploying virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud through the portal is no longer available, but the BioExcel Binder is still available for users to try BioExcel tools and workflows.